Venture Strategist

We also represent a type of value added merchant banker that can act both as active corporate strategist and financial intermediary, or “venture strategist”. Our active role helps our client companies develop and strengthen their business models, achieve milestone and “traction events” and increase the probability of raising capital for current and subsequent rounds of financing.   

Business Acceleration

Our business accelerator services provide the business model development and execution expertise to effectively position a company for added growth, a restaging/turnaround or a path to a financing and/or liquidity event. 

As part of supporting growth for our client companies, Wind River works side by side with founders and the management team; providing several key business accelerator services:  
  • Strategy development operational planning
  • Business Development planning and execution
  • Management team recruitment​
  • Merger and acquisition search and negotiation
  • Management of financing and private placement activities
  • Global strategic partner/joint venture search and negotiation
  • Board of Directors involvement

Raising Capital: Access to Markets

 In addition to a great product, large market opportunity and a solid management team, a company also has to be adequately capitalized in order to succeed.  Wind River helps companies access the capital markets by providing entree to capable funding partners.  These investors include corporate private equity groups, high net worth individuals, family offices, strategic partner capital sources, venture capital and other large institutional groups such as pension funds.

We have established strong working relationships with venture capitalists, and other sources of private equity and debt, which enable us to introduce our clients to larger sources of capital for post angel rounds of financing. Wind River works with companies to complete a private placement for their Series B, C or subsequent rounds of capital.  This means the company has already raised a first round of funds from “angel”, and other early stage investors.  The company will have a marketable product or service and will be generating revenue. Client companies typically are engaged in segments of the business world that are unique and many times very complex. These market niches are often difficult to articulate to investors, allowing Wind River to add considerable value in the marketing process. We provide our Clients with a complete solution to their capital needs, allowing them to put their energies to work where they are best suited: running their companies, rather than marketing investment offerings.

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